Which tree guards should you use?

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Which tree guards should you use?

There is often a lot of time, money and effort dedicated to planting tubestock, with the hope they will quickly grow into strong, healthy trees.

However, these young trees are prone to a variety of harsh elements that can result in premature death. These include the sun's harsh UV rays, herbicide spray drift, animal grazing, machinery damage, wind damage and accidental treading.

Tree guards are an easy solution and provide the necessary protection. They are highly effective at increasing the growth and survival rate of young trees.

Corflute Tree Guards (fluted)
Corflute tree guards are our premium option that provide the most outstanding long term protection to young trees from wind damage, spray drift and foraging animals.

The most significant advantage is easy  to install, saving time and labour costs for large tree planting projects. Simply pop open the flat guard into its triangular shape, slide your single stake into the precut slit and install it over the young tree.

Our corflute tree guards are made from polypropylene, making them 100% recyclable through the manufacturer.

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