"Black Gold"-Rebar price increase loudly

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                                                   "Black Gold"

According to China's Bureau of Statistics,Black metal materials prices rose 40% since Mid-March,2021 than last year 2020.

It includes steel bar, rebar, galvanized sheet, and other raw materials.

Because of the rapid increase in prices,Manufacturers are reluctant to sell, demand exceeds supply, people call it "Black Gold".


US bar manufacturer Commercial Metals Company (CMC), SDI and Gerdau had all issued identical price increases the week ended April 30 amid ongoing supply tightness in the US market.


The moves mark the third round of rebar price increases in 2021, with the three rounds totaling $120-$130/st depending on the producer.

Rebar prices have increased significantly since September 2020, rising by nearly 45% over that time frame.

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