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Ant Caps & Termite Shields Galvanized Z275 230mm x 230mm

Termite Shields/Ant Caps/Stump Caps

Ant Caps

Australia is one of the world’s largest continents and has one of the largest concentrations of termites

(white ants), with over 5000 species spread throughout every state and territory.

Material:  Z275 Galvanized Sheet             QQ图片20210527165437

Thickness:  0.5mm

Pack:  10 pcs/box


Full Termite Cap & Half Termite Cap

·230 X 230mm Full Cap

·350 X 350mm Full Cap

·230 X 115mm Half Cap


  • Ant caps are a form of physical barrier to termites and are inserted between the lower floor framing timber and the supporting stumps, piers or masonry bases.

  • They are usually made from galvanised sheet metal and are designed to force termites out into the open for detection during physical inspection.

  • Any sign of future termite activity is evidenced by mud tunnels or galleries which the foraging termites bridge over the shields.

  • Conforms to AS3660.

  • Ant Capping has a 56mm turn down.

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